DODO 2nd Anniversary!
It has been two years since I came into existence; time really flies!
Two years may not be too long,
but in the world of Web3,
millions of events could have taken place.
Let's review the growth of DODO
over the past two years.
At the end of this page,
there is a nice gift waiting for you!
How many users has DODO served in the past two years? What is the total volume of transaction that have been completed?
During the last two years, we have: Deployed on 12 chains.
Aggregated 30 protocols.
Accumulated transactions on over 27,211 types of token assets.
Built 98,367 pools under the DODO protocol.
Provided 3 types of trading services: Swap, Limit Orders, and Gasless Trading.
「 We have served a total of 1.82 million users, generating $86.6 billion in transaction volume. 」
How many users in total have participated in DODO's mining activities over the past two years? How many types of reward token have they received in total?
In two years, a total of 722 users have created a total of 1,593 mining pools on 12 different chains.
1,009 assets have been staked.
750 types of reward token have been released.
「 A total of 12,634 users have received mining rewards. 」
How many Crowdpooling campaigns have there been on DODO in the last two years? What is the cumulative total raised?
In two years, a total of 1,464 users have created 1,868 Crowdpooling pools on 12 chains.
A total of 714 types of token assets were sold.
69 assets have went through Crowdpooling, with the three largest pools raised being ETHA, AC, and WSZO.
「 A total of 110,411 users have participated in Crowdpooling events, with a cumulative total of $292,383,560.38 invested. 」
The highest return in 7 days was 6,629%
What is the average daily capital utilization of the DODO protocol? (Capital Utilization Efficiency = Transaction Amount / Locked Position Amount)
DODO's original intention is to improve the efficiency of LP's capital utilization through a more flexible PMM algorithm.
DODO’s mission is to provide the best quality on-chain service with easy-to-use tools.
Over the past two years, DODO has raised as much as $328,662,749.09 in funding and has processed a cumulative total of $82,473,084,134.43 in transaction volume, with an average daily funding utilization rate of 67%.
「 We will continue to develop and optimize the product with our mission in mind. 」
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